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LPA17 V-type Ball Valve

V-type ball valve has accurate flow characteristic and control function with the V-type channel.Flow control is completed through the rotation of 0 degree to 90 degrees.It has excellent self-cleaning ability and sheer force with no friction between seat and sphere surface.And it is especially applicable for the fluid medium with fiber or tiny particles.
■ Applicable for regulating flow, with accurate flow characteristics.
■ Applicable for harsh media  with solid matter.( not applicable for PTFE)
■ The active briquettes is as the central shaft seal for convenient maintenance.
■ With small valve body; being economical.
■ The sealing surface can be treated with tungsten carbide.

Air-driven parts Compressed air 5~7bar(handwheel as a choice)
DN 25-400mm
PN 1.6~4.0MP
Applicable Temp. PTFE,TFM:-29~+178℃
Connection Type Flange,Wafer
Valve Structure Integrated,Two-section
 Body Material 316L、316、304、304L、WCB
 Spool Material 316L、316、304、304L
 Sealing Material PTFE、BODY、STL
Medium Gas,Water,Oil,Etc.
Optional Limit Switch,Positioner,Solenoid valve,Reducing valve


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